Samanid Mausoleum
Qian Xun Pagoda

Material as Social Construct (MaSC) is a research project driven by our ambition to understand the shifting cultural connotations of specific construction methods and materials. The project traces parallel lineages of brick construction throughout the former Mesopotamian, Persian, and Chinese Empires, by analyzing brick buildings built between 1000 BCE–1000 CE.

Godin Tepe
Cao Cao Mausoleum

We chose brick as the medium because of its perceived ordinariness as ‘a universal building unit.’ Although its dimensions and chemical composition have rarely remained stable, it is clear that its cultural context imparts even greater degree of instability.

Choga Zanbil
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

Type: Research

Year: 2015–Ongoing

Team: Jen Wood, Emanuel Admassu, Sunny Zhang, Saba Yazdjerdi