Extending existing warehouse building
Extending existing 3-story building

This proposal seeks to strengthen the identity of the Sari-Myeon region by providing a cohesive environment within which cultural practice and food production are playfully negotiated. The program of the senior and children centers are interspersed within urban farms - this unified environment provides a platform for Sari-Myeon’s senior citizens to teach the younger generation about farming practices and food production.

Typical Site A detail with layered envelope system and sliding doors
Typical Site B detail with floating green house and garden atrium

The functions of the senior and children centers have been atomized into intimate stages, promoting appropriation and agency across various age groups. These stages and the surrounding farms are enclosed within delicate, translucent greenhouses, allowing for year-round utilization. This infrastructural strategy not only binds the two sites together, but also creates a formal identity for the community and the region at large.

The two architectural interventions are linked together with a coherent urban strategy
Varying summer and winter configurations

Client: Korean Rural Architecture (competition)

Type: Rural Community Center

Location: Sari-Myeon, South Korea

Year: 2015

Area: 765 Sq m

Team: Jen Wood, Emanuel Admassu