Intensifying the collective activities of the existing market
Playscape as 1.2m extension of apartment building

At the scale of both the city and the nation, the residents of Tensta perceive themselves as being ‘walled-off’ from the rest of Swedish society, yet exhibit numerous positive manifestations of self-determined place-making. Our proposal aims to subvert this sense of being “walled-off”, by transforming the wall-as-barrier into wall-as-platform.

Market module can aggregate in multiple directions using manual forklift
Wall-T Playscape
Wall-T Market

Wall-T is a proposal of two site-specific systems: Wall-T Market and Wall-T Playscape. These systems are not novel to Tensta, rather they aim to intensify existing urban conditions. Wall-T Market is inserted into the existing Tensta T-bana fruit market and is comprised of modular wall units that respond to the temporal nature of the urban street market. Wall-T Playscape directly engages the prototypical Million Dwellings Progamme apartment building, while simultaneously providing a unique terrain for Tensta’s first generation Swedish children to play within.

Two interventions that augment existing communal activities

Client: Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016, After Belonging (competition)

Type: Street Market and Playscape

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Year: 2015

Team: Jen Wood, Emanuel Admassu, John Lauermann, Daejong Kim