Building envelope as tapestry, constructed with salvaged bricks from demolished villas around Addis Ababa.

The compound wall stretches to the height of 6-storeys, circumventing the 2 meter zoning offset. The wall is further transformed from an opaque boundary into a punched screen, activating an otherwise mute fence. An enclosed building sits behind the compound wall, creating a dynamic perimeter with an array of balconies. The balconies are offset from floor to floor, forming a garden matrix that filters sunlight while creating opportunities for neighborly interactions.

Thickened compound wall continues our exploration of the Ghebi typology

Client: Private

Type: Multi-Family Residential

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Year: 2019

Area: 4000 Sq m

Team: Jen Wood, Emanuel Admassu, Giacomo Sartorelli

Local Architect: Yema Architecture