The table outside Nine and Two Thirds’ shop in Olneyville

The Back Room is located within The Design Office - a collaborative creative space in Providence, Rhode Island - and hosts multiple activities including meeting, making, and eating. The project provides a flexible frame for these activities by limiting auditory and visual interruption from the rest of the office. It is composed of two elements: a table and a curtain.

The table is made of quarter inch blackened steel with a custom variegated finish.
The circle has a diameter of six and half feet engendering different forms of collaboration.
The outward face of the curtain is made of a silver thermal fabric that reflects the light and colors from the room.
The interior face helps with sound attenuation and makes for a softer and more inviting environment when the curtain is drawn closed.
The table sits within the free throw lane of the basketball court, in the form of a quilted curtain suspended from a blackened steel rail.

Client: The Design Office

Type: Office Renovation

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Year: 2019

Team: Jen Wood, Emanuel Admassu

Metalwork: Nine & Two Thirds

Quilting: Priscilla Carrion

Interior Photography: Ryan Lopes